Relentless brings experience and energy combine for non-stop show.

Opening for major acts, starring in Branson shows, and traveling the country playing gigs has given the four members of the band Relentless the experience clearly seen and heard when they take the stage. Both talent and experience are combined to put on a great local show. They might be a newly-formed band, but every member brings it all to the table during each performance.
Their music selection spans a variety of genres but mostly covers songs from the 80s and 90s. Hits by Billy Squier, Collective Soul, Stone Temple Pilots, Poison, and classic rock artists such as Queen, Aerosmith, AC/DC and other fan favorites are a part of the playlist that creates an evening of non-stop entertainment.
Like the other band members, lead singer Mark Steiner spends his days at a “regular” job, before tearing it up on stage at night.
“I’ve always loved rock music with good energy, and we love to see people having a great time” he said.
Drummer Woody McDaniel is a face you might have seen before. Not only did he start playing for various bands in Branson at the age of 15, he spent several years at Main Street Music Hall in Osage Beach playing drums and performing in the comedy show.
On guitar, Mike Kelly and David Capt Thomas have been playing together for most of the last 25 years, so the synergy between them is visible.
The local music scene is catching on to Relentless, who is booking at venues both in and around the Lake area. They are often seen at Willowes in Linn Creek, Spectators in Jefferson City, The Fish & Co. in Camdenton and at locations in Springfield.
Find Relentless on Facebook @playrelentless.

Meet Relentless

Mark Steiner: Vocals
Originally from Canada, he moved to the Lake area in his teens. Played for all-original bands and was a member of Hott Mess before Relentless was formed.

Mike Kelly: Bass player
Began his music career in college playing acoustic guitar at coffee houses. He switched to electric and took up playing bass for some cover bands and others with original music, most recently as a member for Hott mess, Smoke-n-Mirrors and Justus.

David Thomas (aka. Capt Thomas): Lead guitar
Has been in a few local bands including Smoke-n-Mirrors, Hott Mess and has opened for acts including Molly Hatchet, Foghat and many others.

Woody McDaniel: Drums
Started playing gigs at the age of 13. He grew up in Ozark, was accepted in a nationally-auditioned tour group and played at church services all over the country. Woody played with various bands in Branson, at Main Street Music Hall in Osage Beach and with local bands Wyrmhole, Into the Dirt and Driven Down.

Roger McGowen: Lights and sound