Try these fun ways to play on the course.

For centuries golf has been a game of ladies and gentlemen. Proper etiquette was required and anything out of the “norm” was frowned upon.  
Over time rules have relaxed, dress codes have become more lenient, phones are no longer banned and music is common place. With these changes have come fun variations of traditional golf that use the same space for unique activities. Many courses have closed over the past 15 years and the ones that survived embraced new revenue streams by offering camps, movie nights, weddings, 5K runs and much more to supplement their income. With these additional out-of-the-box ideas Foot Golf and Fling Golf have emerged to energize the clubs and their memberships.  
Foot Golf began in the United States about the same time traditional golf was on the decline in the early 2000s. It is played on the same footprint as traditional golf, utilizing the tee boxes and fairways.
A 21-inch hole is cut adjacent to the putting green, so as not to damage the putting surface, to accommodate a regulation No. 5 soccer ball. The object of the game is like traditional golf. A player kicks the ball from a starting point and counts the number of kicks it takes to put the ball in the hole. The person with the least amount of kicks to accomplish this is deemed the winner.  
Just like in traditional golf many variations of play can be used from team competitions, match play situations, scrambles, alternate kick and many others to mirror the scoring scenarios of golf.  The kids love it and parents are able to get them off their phones and spend time with friends and family for a few hours.  
Eldon Golf Club and PGA Professional Michael Cummings embraced Foot Golf this season by designing and implementing a Foot Golf Course. Currently the fee to play is $11 per person and they have soccer balls for rent if you don’t have your own.  
“Its great exercise for adults and kids and it has been very well received this year. The word is getting out as more and more people are coming to try it.” Cummings said. Call Eldon Golf Club at 573-392-4172 to set up a time to play.  
Another new exciting form of golf spreading the country is called Fling Golf. It is a cross between lacrosse and golf as you fling a golf ball throughout the hole and you putt into the cup just like golf. You use one stick and play along with other traditional golfers or with other Fling players.  The object of the game is to get the ball into the hole in the least amount of flings, just like golf.  Tan-Tar-A Resort has embraced the new concept this summer at the 9-hole Hidden Lakes Golf Course. It’s perfect for a family outing or to have the kids play along while dad plays traditional golf. It has been a hit with bachelor parties and corporate outings as some of the players have never played golf but want to join in the activity and Fling Golf is the perfect alternative. There are several videos on YouTube demonstrating Fling Golf and you can also visit To play at Hidden Lakes, $30 will get you nine holes of Fling Golf, golf cart, rental of the Fling Stick and two golf balls. To reserve your tee “Fling” time call Hidden Lakes at 573-348-8490.  
Get a group of your friends together and see what the buzz is about when you fling!