Sydney Coffey and Jeremy Reynolds were the two December recipients, and Faith Rogers and Josh Cox were the two January recipients.

Lake Career and Technical Center (LCTC) hosted its Student of the Month luncheon on February 6 to honor their December and January students.  Sydney Coffey and Jeremy Reynolds were the two December recipients, and Faith Rogers and Josh Cox were the two January recipients.  

Sydney Coffey, a senior at Camdenton High School and Law Enforcement student was nominated by Mr. Edgar the Law Enforcement instructor.  Mr. Edgar stated, “It is my pleasure to nominate Sydney Coffey. For the last three years, she has been a student at Lake Career and Technical Center in my Law Enforcement and Crime Scene Investigations class. During this time Sydney has immediately risen to the top of the class becoming the rank of Captain and became one of the strongest leaders I have seen.  She has distinguished herself as a bright, inquisitive, energetic scholar, and a leader who is always thinking outside the box.  Sydney is popular among students and teachers alike. She works well independently but is also someone everyone wants to collaborate with. She is able to keep projects on track while making sure everyone in her class feels valued and included.  She is also especially mature and resourceful. Sydney is one of the hardest working students I have had the privilege of working with and mentoring her in many law enforcement competitions in the past couple years. While continuing to be an exemplary student, she has also managed to place 1st in the state as a trial attorney for the Constitution Project for the past 2 years and continues working hard in Skills USA as the Vice President. Everything Sydney does she pours her heart and soul into. She is a model for her fellow classmates as well as for anyone that interacts with her.

Overall, Sydney is a model student. I am proud of her accomplishments and commitment to pursuing a career within Criminal Justice. I have no doubt that she will be successful in her career endeavors.”  Sydney has been involved with many school and community activities including the constitution Project, SkillsUSA, LCTC Student Ambassador, VP of Key Club, National Honor Society, and Leadership Camden County.  She has volunteered to work with LOPD and Camden County, be a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, assisted with the food drive for Share the Harvest Food Pantry, worked with Winsor Estate, and Shop with a Cop.  Upon her high school graduation, she plans to attend State Fair Community College then Missouri University to become prosecutor.   Sydney is the daughter of Michael Coffey and Sherry Coffey.

Jeremy Reynolds, an adult student at LCTC and a Culinary Arts student was nominated by Mrs. Mallahan, the Culinary Arts instructor.  Mrs. Mallahan said this about Jeremy, “The Culinary Arts Department is very fortunate to have Jeremy Reynolds as part of our program this year.  As an adult student, he is with us for all three classes during the day.  In each class Jeremy sets an extremely high bar for both work ethic and respectfulness.  He typically arrives well before class begins and starts working before any of the other students arrive. When class is over, Jeremy doesn’t leave until the work is done.  Even then, he typically doesn’t leave before asking if there is anything else I need help with. He routinely takes on cleaning and maintenance projects without any prompting whatsoever.  One week he stayed two hours late to buff the dining room floor for the custodians! With regard to work ethic, Jeremy is certainly serving as a very positive example for the younger students. In addition to all of this, his open, friendly, and relatable personality make him a true pleasure to work with.”  Jeremy is liked by all our LCTC staff and is a member of Skills USA.  At this time, Jeremy plans on starting a food truck after graduation.  

Faith Rogers, a senior at Camdenton High School and Animal Science and English 12 student was nominated by Mrs. Marose the English instructor.  Mrs. Marose stated, “Faith is a quietly dependable student who is diligent in completing her work. She is a team player who sets the tone for her peers by her work ethic and flexibility in the classroom. Faith is admired by her peers and an asset to her class. She would be very deserving of the SOM award.”  Faith is a member of the FFA and has volunteered at MO Mentor.  She plans on going to nursing school following graduation.  Faith is the daughter of Kevin Rogers and Christy Rogers.

Josh Cox, a senior at Camdenton High School and Law Enforcement student at LCTC was nominated by Mrs. Keeney the guidance counselor.  Mrs. Keeney stated, “Josh has done a great job as an LCTC student ambassador for the past two years. He always is available to help with presentations or other activities, and does a fantastic job of representing LCTC! He is passionate about the Law Enforcement program, and works hard to accomplish his goals. This year, he has continued to persevere despite many setbacks in his goal to join the military and serve our country. I am proud of the Josh for his commitment to LCTC, and for the hard work that he puts in to ensure that he accomplishes his goals. He would make an excellent candidate for LCTC student of the month.”  Josh has been involved with several school activities including the Constitution Project, SkillsUSA, LCTC Student Ambassador, and Young Life, where he served as a leader.  He has served as Lieutenant in his Law Enforcement class and is involved with the youth group at his church.  He is in the A+ program and involved with Helping COPS on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  He has received awards in law enforcement and social studies and has won 2 citizenship awards.  Upon graduation, Josh wants to join the National Guard, go to college, and become a history teacher. Josh is the son of Robby Cox and Kim Cox.

The Osage Community Elks Lodge #2705 sponsors the Student of the Month award.  Ms. Nova Dunn from the Elks was present at the luncheon and was able to acknowledge the students’ accomplishments.