According to Edelman, the public works department will paint the interior wet and the exterior dry.

The Board approved the first reading of an ordinance to repaint a water tower, discussed the next phase of the sidewalk project, and approved a second reading of an ordinance vacating part of a right of way. All the board members were present at the last Board of Aldermen meeting.

1. A first reading of an ordinance authorizing the mayor to execute a contract with Maguire Iron, Inc. to repaint the water tower on Bluff Drive.

Nick Edelman, Public Works Director, said, “We are planning on painting the water tower off of Bluff Drive. It holds 750,000 gallons of water. We are trying to improve the look of that tower in 2019. We cleaned it last year and some of the pressure washing took some of the paint off. Generally it takes three to four months to paint. We are changing the logo on the tower. That tower right now just has a website on it. So you’ll see a change in the logo. Drivers can see the tower from the expressway and we are trying to get some visibility with that tower.”

According to Edelman, the public works department will paint the interior wet and the exterior dry. Bids were open on Jan. 18. There were six bidders and Maguire Iron, Inc. had the low bid amount of $251,800. The public works department usually repaints water towers every 15 years. This tower was installed in the 2006-2007 time frame, so it did not make the 15 years.

The first reading carried.

2. A discussion on the next phase of the sidewalk project on Osage Beach Parkway.

The community is concerned about the safety of the bridge in between Mace Road and Barry Prewitt Memorial Drive. Edelman said, “Some pedestrians walk in the road on the bridge because sidewalks aren’t there. We [the public works department] looked at doing some improvements for pedestrians. We weren’t going to do an extension like Camdenton did, but we were looking into doing something to improve safety for the pedestrians.”

The public works department applied for a Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) grant called the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant in the fall 2018. They were notified last month that they did not get that grant. Edelman said, “We initially budgeted this project at $600,000. The original revenue estimates was $400,000 from MoDOT from the TAP funds. Of course, it was money we did not receive. We were going to use $100,000 of road district funds, but the road district had committed to $100,000 city funds. Due to the TAP grant that we didn’t get, the road district voted to fund 50% dollar-for-dollar of this project for the city at their last meeting. So the road district said they’ll fund half of the $600,000. The design is near completion; it’s something that can go out to bid relatively quickly.” The design project will be ready for bid in spring 2019.

A few board members were worried about the cost. Alderman Phyllis Marose said, “I think we should wait. This is a lot of money right now.” Alderman Richard Ross said, “I don’t believe we should go into any other funds or borrow any money for this project. I think if we were going to make some kind of commitment for this kind of funding for sidewalks, we need to have a better science or a plan. We don’t have a plan for sidewalks. So at this point I think we should wait.”

Edelman will talk with MoDOT about alternative funding options and get back with the Board.

3. An ordinance to vacate a portion of the right of way on Osage Beach Road.

The Board passed a second reading of Bill 19-01 which is an ordinance to vacate part of the right of way on Osage Beach Road. The first reading was approved at the January meeting. Alderman Richard Ross made a motion to approve the second reading. Alderman Gregory Massey seconded the motion. The second reading carried.