Zeaman says the community member with questions would have to submit a letter stating that they request a public meeting.

Though no new land will be added to existing property lines, Harry and Margie Adrian have sent legal notice to the Lake Sun newspapers with the intent of letting the public know of a quarry permit revisal for their location in Camden County. This notice indicates that the existing quarry will have its permit revised to include the mining of sandstone. 

Bill Zeaman, mining operations director of the Department of Natural Resources, says that the quarry will not be expanding at all with the revisal of the permit. The 30 acres currently owned will remain the size of operation. The only change will be the approval to mine sandstone, which is currently inhibiting the work to move downward. Magruder is the quarry operator in this location. 

The notice indicated that, if any community member had a legitimate issue with this revisal, a public meeting of discussion could be held to voice opinions on the matter. Zeaman says the community member with questions would have to submit a letter stating that they request a public meeting. 

The notice indicated as follows: “Written comments or a request for an informal public meeting may be made by any person with a direct, personal interest in one or more of the factors that the Staff Direction may consider in issuing a permit, as required by The Land Reclamation Act, sections 444.760 to 444.790 RSMo. Mail written comments, or request for an informal public meeting to: Director, Land Reclamation Program, Department of Natural Resources, PO Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176. All comments and requests for a public meeting must be submitted in writing to the director’s office no later than fifteen days following the final public notice publication date. For more information about this process, please contact the Land Reclamation Program by telephone at 573-751-4041.”

The notice states that the revisal will be active during the approximate dates of February 21, 2019 to June 1, 2053.

In February 2018, the quarry was denied an expansion permit by the Camden County commission, hosted at the courthouse to a large audience of community members against the approval. 

With the request in mind to change zoning from A-R (agriculture-residential) to I-1 (industrial), residents piled on to express opposition to the request. After over an hour of testimony from residents, commissioners Greg Hasty and Don Williams voted to deny the request in the absence of commissioner Beverly Thomas. This permit revisal shows no indication of expansion, though the operations will continue to move downward into the land already in use.