Tear down the trust-wall between the US and its’ allies by announcing a chaotic withdraw of troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

Mr. Trump has a thing about walls. Some are political apparitions. Others are designed by forces seeking to harm our democracy. What else could be happening in those private meetings other than Putin instructing Trump to: Tear down the treaty-wall provided by the Cold War-era Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty so the Putin could make a similar move. Teardown the treaty-wall provided by North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Tear down the trust-wall between the US and its’ allies by announcing a chaotic withdraw of troops from Syria and Afghanistan. Teardown internationally agreed treaty-wall designed to protect the earth’s climate. 

Teardown another internationally monitored treaty-wall intended to impede Iran from becoming a nuclear threat and replace it with a sanctions-wall which may lead to a regional conflict between Iran and Israel. 

Meanwhile: After wasting two years of an amiable relationship with his own party, he now wants to set-up the loyal opposition to take the blame for not erecting an ill-conceived wall on the southern border. 

Guided by a xenophobic Stephen Miller, for two years he delayed his bully tactics when he had the votes in congress. Miller knew that financing the wall would fall on deaf ears from Trump’s own party. To avoid having the Republican controlled Congress say NO he chose 2019 to bully a Democratic controlled House into submission. It must have been rough for Trump to deal with intelligent well-constructed arguments provided by Rep. Pelosi—a woman no less.

The contrived need to build an unnecessary wall on our southern border is not the only wall his arrogant mind has built over the last two years. He built tariff-walls which punish the nation’s consumers, farmers and manufacturers. He built bigot-walls pitting religion against religion, race against race, heterosexuals against other sexual orientations. 

He built a callous-wall between asylum-seeking parents and their children by intentionally separating them from each other. 

He built a judicial-wall which will stymie constructive dialogue by appointing entrenched right-wing ideologues to the Supreme Court justices. 

He reinforced the economic-wall with tax cuts for the rich while failing to insure a promised $4,000 annual increase for the middle-class. Where is it? In overseas banks.  He built deregulation-walls to replace long time economic protection for consumers, the economy, labor, children, elderly, the sick, students, the environment.  Many were vindictive acts to spite his predecessor.

Such is Trump’s fetish with walls. His obsession with building and destroying walls has damaged our nation’s moral prerogatives, frightened his base into submission and made impotent the Republican party.

I once thought a sound thrashing at the polls was the best way to tell Trump that he has it all wrong. Unfortunately, two more years of Trump would be a clear and present danger to our moral compass and our national security. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report may decide the outcome for us. 

If rumors—and they are just that—are accurate, he may have to replace the spacious confines of his Mar-a-Lago Estate for the cramped confines of a prison cell. Resist!

-Rev. Dr. Ira S. Williams, Jr., Gravois Mills