Lake Media/Lake Lifestyles magazine publisher talks about making changes in 2019.

With 2018 in the rearview mirror, I hope everyone takes the opportunity to look back on their year from a variety of perspectives.
First, by celebrating and memorializing the milestones that the year presented you with. For my family it was the obvious holidays and birthdays, it was my out-of-the-office passion of coaching my boy’s soccer team; and Riley taking on jiu-jitsu and watching him grow with passion and confidence through that journey.
At Lake Media we are reflecting on the past, and looking into the future. One new addition we celebrate is our partnership with the CanAm Games. We published a program they could be proud of as they market it for the first-ever back-to-back games as they prepare for its return to Lake of the Ozarks in 2020.  
Second, and probably the most challenging to put ourselves through, what didn’t go your way? What can we learn from what didn’t go as planned or was an unexpected roadblock? It could be as simple as that resolution you started with in January and abandoned by February. Why didn’t it work? What could you have done differently?
Finally, what new opportunities will you take on in 2019? After celebrating your wins and analyzing the losses from 2018, what will you apply to your 2019 to make it the best year it can be? Personally, I have a number of goals that I plan to achieve this year — from health and wellness to expanding in my commitment to certain community organizations.
At Lake Lifestyles Magazine and Lake Media, we have a number of exciting new opportunities to bring to the Lake area. First of which will be our Rising Star program. We have been in the nomination and voting process throughout December, and I am thoroughly impressed at the young business professionals that are making a name for themselves at the Lake. We look forward to the big reveal and celebration in the next edition and at the party in early March.  
We hope you enjoy the first issue of Lake Lifestyles Magazine of 2019. As always, I welcome anyone with feedback or thoughts on the magazine to email me directly. We value your input.