Winter is the perfect time of year to spend a little extra time taking care of yourself and exploring ways you can achieve better health and wellness.

The word wellness seems to get thrown around a lot these days. More and more people are taking charge of their physical and mental health, and the industry seems to be changing to meet the demand.
Winter is the perfect time of year to spend a little extra time taking care of yourself and exploring ways you can achieve better health and wellness.

Wellness Trends - Concierge Medicine
There is a saying when it comes to receiving medical care — “A pill for every ill.” More and more people are stepping away from that philosophy and taking matters into their own hands by making lifestyle changes and looking for more personalized primary care.
Direct Primary Care Clinics in Osage Beach was founded on that philosophy. Their mission statement is simple — to restore mutual trust in the patient-physician relationship and provide excellent individualized primary care. This membership-based program allows patients to receive a variety of services including unlimited office visits and plenty of time with a physician.
“As a hospital-employed physician I became frustrated at the interference coming from multiple directions — the hospital, the insurance companies, the state and federal government — that my patients and I were experiencing,”
Dr. Jenny Powell said. “These were barriers to excellent care. I looked at the model of concierge medicine and thought ‘why not concierge medicine for the middle class?’ So, the concept of a membership, cash-based practice evolved in an attempt to re-establish the same kind of personalized care one could get from their hometown doctor, once upon a time.”
From acupuncture to medical management of chronic diseases and physical exams, the full service primary clinic offers all areas of medicine, all forms of pathology and diagnoses, problem-based solutions and preventative services.

How healthy are you?
Being healthy goes beyond eating a certain number of calories per day and working out. But how often do you think of your digestive tract? Probably not very often.
According to Wrendy Marcinik, chiropractor and owner of SQez Juice & Health in Osage Beach, digestion plays a key role in your overall health. A poor digestive tract can lead to a number of problems but combine that with poor lifestyle choices, pharmaceutical drugs, stress, illness and lack of sleep and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  
A wide range of illnesses are tracked back to how well your system is working, Marcinik says, so she offers a few ways you can improve your digestive system.

• A green juice cleanse is a good pace to start. It helps clear out some of the junk, so to speak, allowing your body the chance to rest and provides a flood of nutrients.
• Eat whole unprocessed foods. This boils down to raw fruits and vegetables. That also means you should limit or eliminate grains and carbohydrates.
• Replenish your digestive enzymes. Eating raw foods and eliminating stress will help but you can also take supplemental enzymes.
• Slow down and chew your food.
• Get good fat. Avocados, cheese, whole eggs, fish, nuts, and olive oil are just a few high-fat foods that are healthy. Good fats help absorb nutrients.