A preliminary accident report cites excessive speed as a possible factor in a one vehicle accident involving a Camden County Sheriff’s Department vehicle. 

According to the preliminary report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the accident took place on US Highway 54 as the deputy driving the vehicle turned onto Bumper Hill Rod responding to a reported domestic incident. Initial information on the accident reported it happening on Bumper Hill Rd. as the deputy rounded a curve. 

The preliminary report indicates the accident occurred as the vehicle was turning onto Bumper Hill Rd. from Highway 54 and was traveling too fast to make the turn. It says the driver applied the brakes and began to skid, traveling off the left side of the road. The vehicle crossed over Bumper Hill Rd., traveled off the right side and collided with an embankment.

The highway patrol, sheriff’s department and Camdenton Police Department responded to the accident. The vehicle was driven by Deputy Aaron Bell. Bell was in training. Deputy Dylan Rice was the occupant in the vehicle, supervising the training. Bell and Rice received minor injuries. 

The report was not posted immediately following the accident on Dec. 30, 2018 on the Missouri Highway Patrol crash reports but is now available online. The highway patrol is investigating the accident, according to the Camden County Sheriff’s Department. A final report has not been issued. 

It was the second accident in the last month involving a sheriff’s deputy responding to an accident. On Dec. 7, a Camden County deputy was involved in an accident on Route MM near Villages Way. 

That crash left the deputy and the driver of the second vehicle involved with injuries. The deputy’s vehicle was struck as the driver of the second vehicle was attempting to make a left hand turn from the right shoulder of Route MM as the patrol vehicle was passing.