"We are constantly working to improve our network and serve our customers better," Lead Public Relations Manager Chris Lester said.

Over the last week, community members have been curiously posting videos to Facebook of helicopters in the area delivering large equipment pieces near AT&T service towers. There have also been numerous concerns of coverage strength from the data providers, leading to a sense of hope that coverage may soon improve. 

Though they were not open to sharing exact improvements being made, Lead Public Relations Manager Chris Lester was able to speak with AT&T specialists and confirm in a separate statement that the helicopter activity was in fact related to work on these towers and improving coverage. The statement reads as follows:

"We are constantly working to improve our network and serve our customers better. This week we deployed a helicopter to deliver equipment to expand capacity at one of our cell sites in the area. This is part of an ongoing commitment to Missouri, where we've invested about $1.8 billion in our wired and wireless network over the past three years."

In a follow up email, it was confirmed by Lester that the referenced “area” was in fact Camden County. This was also backed up by Planning and Zoning Director Tanna Wirtz, who says the county had recently approved a modification permit for work near 135 Possum Hollow.

Unfortunately, AT&T was not able to confirm any work being done in Morgan or Miller County. The original video posted showing helicopters in the area was taken in Miller County.

This coverage expansion suggests that AT&T is actively working on the investment made to Missouri in September to to improve wireless and wired network reliability. At the time, upcoming 5G coverage was announced as an upcoming feature to mobile networks and would only be possible by improving coverage infrastructure in local areas. 

“AT&T’s network investment in Missouri is exactly what we need to help grow a thriving, prosperous state economy,” said Missouri Governor Mike Parson in a news release provided by Lester. “These infrastructure investments help keep residents connected to vital resources, enable businesses to grow their operations and expand their workforce, and play an important role in working to move Missouri forward.”

Only time will tell if these improvements make a marginal improvement to everyday mobile network use, but for now, it seems AT&T is working towards better coverage for the lake and all of Missouri.