The OATS, Inc. state Board of Directors held their last meeting of the year in Columbia on November 26. The following individuals were elected as officers for 2019:


President: Mel Sundermeyer, Holt Summit MO


Vice-President: Krissy Sinor, Springfield MO


Secretary/Treasurer: Donna Turnbough, Paris MO


Nolan McNeill of Cassville MO retired from the Board after serving 30 years on the Board. “Nolan has been an instrumental part of the Board of Directors for more than three decades, including serving as Board President” said Dorothy Yeager, OATS, Inc. Executive Director. “Our company has seen a lot of growth during his tenure on the Board and we are certainly going to miss him” added Yeager.

OATS, Inc. has been governed by a volunteer board of directors since the company began in 1971. At the November 26th meeting, the Board reviewed the annual report which showed during fiscal year 2018 OATS buses traveled 15.6 million miles and provided over 1.55 million trips. 

More than 45% of those trips were for employment, followed by 17% for medical transportation. Essential shopping, business errands, education, and nutrition make up the rest of the service delivery.

OATS, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation providing specialized transportation for people with disabilities, seniors and the rural general public. The organization serves 87 Missouri counties with a staff of 750 employees- 22% of which are Veterans. OATS has grown to be one of the largest and most unique systems of its kind in the country. 

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