It is estimated at present, there are over 630,000 homeless in America. Over 1 in 10 homeless in America are veterans.

The current attempted influx of immigrants through Mexico, gets kind of emotional for many, and for some politicians it is being used as a scare tactic. The numbers I understand are about 4 to 6000. And other politicians talk about the need to let them in.

And our Government is sending troops, barb wire, setting up limited ability to allow people into America, and it all got me thinking, as the belief is these people will become a burden on America!

Anyway, back to the thinking part about people already here as citizens, who are not even being talked about, and they are right here now, invisible, and getting really no help to get out of their situation.

Who? The Homeless!

It is estimated at present, there are over 630,000 homeless in America.  Over 1 in 10 homeless in America are veterans.

Over 968,000 veterans lived in poverty last year.

20,000 veterans with government sponsored loans lost their homes in 2010.

76 percent of homeless veterans are experiencing alcohol, drug or mental problems

30 percent of veterans in the 18 to 24 age bracket are unemployed

89 percent received an honorable discharge

67 percent served a minimum of 3 years

47 percent are Vietnam veterans

15 percent served before Vietnam

5.5 percent are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans

President Obama in 2009, along with Veterans affair Secretary Eric Shinseki made a commitment (goal) to end veteran Homelessness by 2015. Well it is 2018, and basically nothing has been done or continued with the current administration.

Instead we are taking troops, who by the way will fit someplace in these homeless statistics at some time in the future to assure 4 to 6000 people do not just wander into the USA.

I am for that, anyone who comes to America should come here legally. 

My concern is, we already have 630,000 homeless people and we have government that is really, at present, only paying attention to 4 to 6000!

First and foremost, veterans do not deserve this kind of life, and neither do the rest that are homeless.

Somehow America has got to get their priorities right on those who have served our country and get them into decent living quarters. And Politicians, I don’t care what the party affiliation is, need to make it happen.