The president of the Osage Beach Board of Aldermen is facing a criminal charge for allegedly committing a felony by knowingly signing a false statement of candidacy when he filed to run in 2016. 

Jeff Bethurem is accused of signing the statement of candidacy knowing he had a felony record. The charge has been filed by the Camden County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Bethurem has been under scrutiny for the last several weeks after a past felony conviction that had apparently been expunged came to light. 

Missouri law prohibits anyone with a felony conviction from running for public office.

It is unclear how the past conviction of Bethurem was brought to light. The city of Osage Beach said they were made aware in late September.  

Osage Beach City Administrator Jeana Woods said on Sept. 24, 2018, Mayor John Olivarri received information that stated Bethurem had a felony conviction for bad checks in Kansas and under Missouri law should not be serving as an aldermen. 

The mayor requested an investigation into the matter. On Sept. 27, 2018 Olivarri and City Attorney Ed Rucker met with  Bethurem and discussed the information. 

According to information provided by the city, Bethurem acknowledged the conviction and stated he thought it had been expunged. 

As required by state statute, Olivarri informed Camden County Prosecuting Attorney Heather Miller of the facts presented to the city. The city fully cooperated with the prosecuting attorney’s office in the matter.