The passage of the agenda will cut health care for millions and do away with coverage for pre-existent conditions.

The latest political ad to confront our sensibilities has four — perfectly quaffed upper-class women — sitting around a table in a well-decorated home enjoying a coffee. One complains about how Obama Care has been a “disaster.” I wonder if she provides health care and a living wage for her housekeeper? Each lady takes a turn condemning Senator Claire McCaskill’s vote enabling the right of every citizen of Missouri to the health care provided through Obamacare. They ignore the post mid-term agenda by Republican leadership in congress. The passage of the agenda will cut health care for millions and do away with coverage for pre-existent conditions. It cuts Social Security and Medicare benefits and decimates coverage for children and elderly currently covered by Medicaid. Of course, such moves will not affect the participants in this coffee-clutch personally and do little to reduce the deficit caused by the tax cuts for the rich. 

A discernable voter is both outraged and nauseated by such an ad. Not surprisingly, it is consistent with the ads run by Republicans throughout the nation to cover their back-sides. If they remain in control of congress they have promised to repeal-not replace-Obamacare, cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and forget the pre-midterm promise to pass a 10% tax-cut for the middle-class.

While these refined ladies sip their coffee, too many elderly ladies are working at check-out stands, stocking shelves for a below-living-wage and waiting on tables for tips. 

Comparing our two candidates for the US Senate: HE has sued to allow insurance companies the right to deny health care coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. SHE defends retention of such coverage. HE assumes his opponent supports sanctuary cities—none of which are in Missouri. SHE advocates sensible reform of immigration laws. HE declares his intent to march in lock-step with Trump’s nationalistic views supported by a minority of our citizens. SHE supports efforts to find common ground in society where all views are represented. HE uses his ads to attack her person while refusing to address continued stagnant wages, the needs of veterans, the negative effects of Trump’s illegal tariffs on our farmers, manufacturers and small businesses. SHE uses her ads to articulate the needs of those she serves—veterans, elderly and those protecting our southern border. SHE confronts the negative affects tariffs have on Missouri’s small businessmen, manufacturers and farmers. HE refuses to condemn congressional leadership when it announces plans to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. SHE is a crucial vote to nip these plans in the bud.

Do the Republicans and Trump really think that their base is naive enough to fall for their continued lies—like passing a 10% tax cut for the middle-class following the midterm? Of course, they do. Selfishness and fear are also opiates causing voters to cast selfish votes. It’s time for us to cast selfless not selfish votes. A democracy depends upon persons who legislate for all people.