Last year, 88 percent of consumers who got covered through the Missouri Marketplace received tax credits, which lowered their monthly premiums (payments).

From November 1 to December 15, Missourians can enroll in 2019 health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Cover Missouri assisters are available free of charge throughout the state to help consumers compare health plans, see if they qualify for financial help, and help consumers sign up.

There are quality, affordable insurance options that fit consumers’ individual health needs. Last year, 88 percent of consumers who got covered through the Missouri Marketplace received tax credits, which lowered their monthly premiums (payments). Some Missourians even had silver-level plans with a $0 monthly premium.

Consumers should know some health plans outside the Marketplace – like association health plans and short-term, limited-duration plans – are not eligible for financial help, and may not include the protections required by plans offered in the Marketplace, including coverage of essential health benefits (like emergency care, rehabilitative services, maternity and newborn care, among others), and may have other restrictions. Marketplace plans are required to cover 10 essential health benefits. These plans may also be able to deny consumers based on pre-existing conditions, which Marketplace plans cannot do under the Affordable Care Act.

Consumers can find an in-person assister near them by visiting, or by calling the toll-free call center (1-800-466-3213). Information and resources are also available