Did it not occur to you that when Mr. Todd filed his law suit that the County had no option but to hire a law firm to represent them and protect the tax payer's dollars?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter is in response to a letter from John Blankenbeker of Macks Creek, “Listening closely to the Camden County Commissioners” that was published in the Oct. 19-20, 2018 Lake Sun.

Mr. Blankenbeker, after reading your letter in the October 19-20, 2018 Lake Sun Leader I cannot help but wonder who is feeding you the Kool-Aid. I have a suspicion. You have every right to voice your opinion of the current elected leaders but when you attempt to sway others, wouldn’t you agree that you also have a moral responsibility to state all the facts.

You reference the law suit filed by Roland Todd against Greg Hasty.  Mr. Todd filed this suit against the County and each of the commissioners individually. Did it not occur to you that when Mr. Todd filed his law suit that the County had no option but to hire a law firm to represent them and protect the tax payer’s dollars?  Why did you not say in your letter that the law suit was declared frivolous and political by a federal judge and thrown out of court?  Did you miss that report in the paper?  I am sure Mr. Todd and his attorney asked for a substantial amount of money in damages.  Mr. Todd is the person who caused this waste of tax money.  Don’t you think it would at least be appropriate if Mr. Todd reimbursed the county for its legal fees?

As I understand it, when the county chose to out-source a number of functions previously handled by the Clerk’s office it was to protect the county from potential law suits from county employees and to bring the procedures and processes in line with state and federal regulations such as HIPPA.  It was obvious in 2015 that Mr. Todd should never ever own HR again as he had failed to meet the basic requirements and very likely abused the public trust.  There are reported examples of these failures by the Clerk’s office which are too numerous to list here.

You asked in your letter, “Where is our tax dollars going?”  The Commission removed the following responsibilities from the County Clerks office; payroll, taking of the commission meeting minutes, Human Resources, sunshine requests, etc.  Have you asked, has there been a corresponding reduction in staff in the Clerk’s office since they no longer do this work?  Doesn’t this sound like a significant waste of tax payer money to you? 

There are three candidates on the November ballot for Presiding Commissioner; Greg Hasty, Shari L. Gaddy and Marshall Peterson. Let me suggest that once a person is elected to any county office, political party means absolutely nothing.  Camden County is a $23 million dollar a year business.  I sincerely hope that you give every consideration to casting your vote for the person who has the experience, the wisdom and the intestinal fortitude to stand up to those who would like to see Camden County fail.