It seems they are only interested in wasting the tax dollars of this county. Mr. Todd filed an information law suit against the commissioner, Hasty.

I have listened closely to what the Camden County Commissioners have been doing. It seems they are only interested in wasting the tax dollars of this county. Mr. Todd filed an information law suit against the commissioner, Hasty. This was to allow the public to see that our tax dollars were being wasted. Mr. Todd’s office has always handled payroll, employee time i.e. hours worked, overtime, vacation – all county employees work and time off. The commission has now out sourced this task, paying an out of area business to control this task. Camden County, also, has a Human Resource manager who is paid very highly compared to other employees — this task was also originally handled by Mr. Todd’s office. We, the tax payers, passed a sales tax several years ago to support our highway and sheriff’s departments. Even with this tax the commission has severely depleted the budgets of all county government offices. 

The sheriff’s department was unable to purchase new vehicles this year. Sheriff Helms was forced to purchase used patrol vehicles from the highway patrol. These vehicles are highly maintained but were still driven to nearly 55000 miles each and were many times parked on the road side still running while working vehicle crashes and traffic enforcement. They have to be kept running at these times due to the amount of equipment and lights operating and this is hard on the engines. They are well used vehicles that our deputies put their and our lives into every day while working. This could endanger the officers, you and me on the roadways of the lake area. Many deputies have to apply for and receive federal assistance to pay their bills, feed their families. I spoke with a commissioner from the third class county of Morgan. He explained that Morgan County has given raises to their county employees both of the last two years. Again, Morgan County is a third class county. Camden County is a first class county having a minimum assessed value of $900,000 and having to maintain that for a minimum of five years. 

Where is our tax dollars going? i guess out sourced programs, commission expense accounts and of course the thousands of dollars to out of area law firms for the aforementioned law suit which was initially filed to make tax payers aware of the wasteful spending of our tax dollars. I cannot speak for the county officials however I did retire from the sheriff’s department in 2006 and after having spoken to a few of the county elected officials, I personally believe that Mr. Hasty has placed himself on a power trip that is wasting the tax dollars of this county. Having only voted for one Democrat in my 67 years, I find it time to vote for a county commissioner that is running on the Democrat side of this election. Our county is in major dire straits with the current commission. We need to vote Mr. Hasty out and review the other two in 2020.