I am a retired person who receives Social Security benefits and Medicare. Like most retired persons, if these programs are limited or restricted I will suffer financially.

To all persons who currently receive Social Security or Medicare, or who hope to someday receive Social Security and Medicare.  BEWARE!  There are plans to limit your social security benefits and to cut Medicare benefits.  

I am a retired person who receives Social Security benefits and Medicare.  Like most retired persons, if these programs are limited or restricted I will suffer financially.  As a wage earner I paid into Social Security with the understanding that all monies collected from employees and employers was to be utilized to pay benefits for those of us lucky enough to live to retirement age.  Unfortunately, Congress has “borrowed” funds from Social Security coffers to pay for wars and other programs that have nothing to do with senior citizens or disabled persons who paid into these funds.  Congress is now attempting to “fix” the problem they created by failing to grant increases in benefits based on the cost of living.  Along with this, Congress is debating the need for employees to work until the age of 70 years.  For many people who perform manual labor, employment has taken a toll on their bodies and they will not be able to work until the age of 70.  Many will have to retire early due to physical disabilities.  

Medicare is not a “free” program or a “welfare” program.  Each person who receives Social Security is charged a fee each month for Medicare benefits.  The cost is set and remains the same from January to December each year.  Medicare does not cover all medical costs that a person may have, but it does provide for hospital care and some physician’s treatment.   Congress has repeatedly attempted to privatize Medicare, cut guaranteed benefits, and increase out of pocket spending by recipients.  This seems foolish since Medicare is well managed and costs far less to manage and monitor than any other medical insurance program that I am aware of.

In January 2018 I received literature in the mail requesting that I contact my Senators and Representatives to share my concerns about changes to Social Security and Medicare.  I signed a petition to Protect Earned Benefits Under Social Security and Medicare.  I mailed the petition to Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer and to Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill.  Mr. Luetkemeyer sent me a response telling me why Congress must take action to “Preserve” Social Security and Medicare.  He didn’t respond to my thoughts that the cap on Social Security should be lifted and employees and their employers required to pay into Social Security for all wages, not just the first $250,000 they earn annually.  

I did not receive any response from Senator Roy Blunt.  

I received a two page letter from Claire McCaskill with an explanation of her voting record on issues relating to Social Security and Medicare changes.  She has and will continue to oppose efforts to change Medicare into a voucher system and will work to ensure that Social Security remains available for all current and future beneficiaries.  She voted to close the prescription drug doughnut hole and to eliminate co-pays for preventive health services in Medicare.  She co-sponsored the Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act which would eliminate the payroll tax cap on income over $250,000 to strengthen the Social Security Trust Fund.  Unfortunately, this bill did not pass.

Senator McCaskill will support the working people of Missouri.  She works with people of both parties to make positive changes for Missourians at the federal level.  We know that Josh Hawley is a “follower” not a leader.  He will follow his party lines and allow congress to take away, withhold, or reduce benefits that people are entitled to receive under the current policies of Social Security Administration.  If Josh Hawley really cares about Missourians he will drop the lawsuit he signed as Attorney General that could end coverage for pre-existing conditions.

It isn’t just the job of the Senate to uphold our rights to receive benefits under Social Security and Medicare.  The House has a responsibility to protect Missourians benefits too.  The current congressmen/women in District 2 (Wagner), District 3 (Luetkemeyer), District 4 (Hartzler), District 6 (Graves), District 7 (Long), and District 8 (Smith) voted to steal 2.9 Trillion dollars from Social Security to balance the budget.  The two Democrat congressmen from St. Louis and Kansas City voted against the bill.  The theft of our Social Security benefit dollars was to balance the budget after giving away millions of dollars to corporations and the wealthiest Americans through a 1.5 Trillion dollar tax cut.  According to my accountant, our “tax break” that has been described as “helping average citizens”, would not pay for a single cup of coffee each day for my husband and myself.  Do not be deceived.  If you now receive, or plan to receive Social Security or Medicare, vote for your best interest.  Vote for people who will stand up for you and keep Social Security and Medicare solvent.  Let your senator and representative know this is a very important issue for you and all of their constituents.  And, get out and Vote!