After watching the Kavanaugh Senate debacle it becomes clearer and clearer why Trump won the Presidential election.

After watching the Kavanaugh Senate debacle it becomes clearer and clearer why Trump won the Presidential election.  Although the Left is ruthless and unconscionable that still wasn’t enough to deal with a New York street fighter.  At times he said things that appeared to be very questionable however, the master plan worked out as scripted. 

We’ve all heard the adage explaining the Golden Rule, “He who has the gold, rules”.   That and only that drives the Left, nothing is more sacred then power and God help anyone who gets in the way. 

If Jeff Flake were in “The Wizard of OZ” he would probably be looking for a backbone.   The women who confronted him at the elevator of course went for the weakest link.  Do you wonder why Mr. Flake wasn’t going to get re-elected in Arizona.  By the end of Friday night it was reported he was the most despised man in America.  Sunday evening on TV he said, he could have never done that if he had a chance of being reelected, what does that tell you? 

The most significant factor in all of this is that the Left hates Trump, more than they love our Country.

McCaskill has already stated she would not vote for Kavanaugh, does she not realize or does she just not care that the people of Missouri (her constituents) voted overwhelmingly for Trump.  She is the perfect example of indifference, fueled by power. 

It’s a situation that is easily rectified, FIRE McCASKILL, she is not working for us, even worse she is working against us.  Remember, she as did every Democrat voted against the Tax Bill, they have no concerns about what we the people want, its power and control for them.  Electing Trump President isn’t enough we need to send the President someone who will work with him.  McCaskill has proven time and again she is not willing to go along with anything the President says or does, even if it’s good for the people.  Her leader is not the President we elected, she takes orders from Chuck and Nancy.  Keep in mind both are from States that are penniless, do we want a like situation in Missouri?

These people are rotten to the core, they are anything but good Americans, you have Ellison and Franken in Minnesota both with sex charges against them.  The always auditioning Cory Booker a pompous, self- righteous, egomaniac who compares himself to Sparticus.  Blumenthal who lied about being in Vietnam.  Tom Carper who admitted he beat his wife.  The list goes on and on.  A virtual confederacy of immorality determined to instill their will upon us.  They are an unethical, Godless people who dare you to rebuke them.


-Art Zarky, Camdenton