Using funds from grants, the Laurie Police Department is purchasing a license plate reader.

Using funds from grants, the Laurie Police Department is purchasing a license plate reader.

Police Chief Mark Black said the state of Missouri and Missouri Police Chief’s Association gave the police department two separate grants.

“We were awarded two grants recently. One for police vests and vehicle equipment of about $6,200. The other one was approximately $20,000 for license plate readers for one of the vehicles which is going to help us a lot in investigations and follow ups. That will be installed in the car probably next week.” License plate readers keep track of every passing vehicle. using high speed cameras.

License plate readers help keep the community safe. Black said in an email, “It serves to help us in all investigations and to ensure the safety of our citizens. It helps the citizens know that the department is doing all we can to provide a safe place to live, work, travel through, or vacation.”

According to Black, license plate readers “are capable of reading 1,800-2,000 plates a minute. They check for stolen vehicles, wanted persons, anything like abductions. Any crime that has occurred. If that vehicle is involved in something in another city or even state, it’s in that system.”

The license plate readers for the patrol car is made up of three cameras. Black said, “There are three cameras that attach to the roof of the vehicle, two to the rear and one on the front.”

Black recognizes the need for license plate readers in Laurie. He said, “This system is highly needed in this area as we are in between two counties and this is a tourist attraction area.

More than 10,000 vehicles travel through our town just in the summer months. A lot of these vehicles have been involved in crimes not only in this area, but from other areas or states. These readers will pick up the vehicle if it’s in this area so that we can take appropriate action in regards to what crime has been committed.”