The Sunrise Beach planning commission team is conducting a study on traffic flow. This study is part of a Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP) project by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

According to MoDOT’s website, the TEAP “allows local public agencies (LPA) to receive engineering assistance for studying traffic engineering problems. LPAs facing a traffic safety or operational problem can utilize the LPA On-Call Consultant List to perform a traffic study. The LPA On-Call Consultant List is available. Typical studies may include corridor safety and/or operational analysis, intersection(s) safety and/or operational analysis, speed limit review, sign inventory, pedestrian/bike route analysis, parking issues, and other traffic studies including elements necessary to develop an ADA transition plan. The program is administered by MoDOT with funds coming from MoDOT and the LPA.”

The city wants to study the flow of traffic on American Legion Road that runs next to Hurricane Deck Elementary. The city wants to direct traffic during the school season, specifically the time school days start and end. The city’s planning commission team might put a traffic signal by the school. In order to do that, the project must be warranted through an engineering program.

MoDOT generally funds 80% for a TEAP project. According to MoDOT’s website, “Federal Highway Safety Funds (HSP), Technology Transfer (TT) Funds, and LPA Funds are used to fund the program. Payments to the consultant for the services of this program are generally provided at an 80/20 split. The HSP and TT Funds are administered by MoDOT and will provide 80% of the TEAP project cost, up to $8,000 per project. Funds from the LPA will be used for the remaining 20% of expenditures.”

The city is responsible for 10% and the school is responsible for 10%.

Planning commission member Gerald Jasper presented to the Board of Trustees in Sunrise Beach for City Planner Roger Corbin about MoDOT’s TEAP.

Jasper caught the board up with the project. He said, “In continuing up with the TEAP, the first thing that we had to do was get somebody within the city—a city employee—to take some training in the transportation assistance program online. Roger is doing that. He hasn’t completed it with his accident. He was going to get a waiver or extension on that.”

Jasper continued, “The next thing that we have already done is to go into MoDOT’s list of approved engineering firms, for traffic engineering, and select somebody out of there. We can then ask for additional explanation.”

Jasper and Corbin found three firms. He said, “We went in and looked at them. We came up with three firms and sent letters to those three. We got a response from all three. One of them was TranSystems in Kansas City who said their workload prohibited them from being able to put the effort into this project. Another one was Garver Engineers and the other one was CJW—the guy initiated in Springfield. Out of those two I reviewed online, the Garver Engineers is the one both Roger and I would recommend.”

Jasper and Corbin both chose Garver Engineers. Jasper said, “The guy that will be doing the project manages an office coming out of St. Louis. They are a very good firm and I would recommend that we select them.”

The board unanimously passed the motion to continue forward with Garver Engineers.

The city should get an approval to proceed from the engineer by the end of October. The entire project is expected to take a year to complete.