Tucked away on the lake in the Laurie area is Timberlake Village.  When you’re there, you feel you’re in such a peaceful place.  And yet, it’s still close to places that meet any need you have while you’re at the lake!  Timberlake Village is an Adult Residential Community run by Justin Rosenbach and his wife Lisa.  They were most happy to show me around the area and let me in on a few of their garden secrets. 

In 1989 Justin’s parents, Mindy and Terry, bought Timberlake Village and ran it until retirement.  That’s when Justin took it over and has been taking care of the grounds for the last 7 years.  It’s a special place for Justin because he has spent most of his life at Timberlake Village.  It has so many memories from his early childhood.  And now he gets to experience those same memories with his wife and daughter! 

Many additions have been made to the property.  They added trees that enhanced the Ozark landscape as the seasons changed.  You can’t miss what spring is like with the beauty of the flowering trees, lilacs, daffodils and other spring flowers blooming at that time.  And fall brings colorful maples as they decorate for autumn activities at Timberlake Village.  The grounds are filled with many different flower beds.  The place, although centralized around a meticulously kept grassy area, has many small gardens throughout which continue to add color for each season. 

I was most impressed when Justin told me that when he was still in school, he would come home and start gathering rocks.  We all know how well rocks grow at the lake!  But Justin, and his family gathered them up and completely lined the two eroding ditches that now make a lovely waterway flowing through the village.  Not only does

this add to the charm of the place, but it protects the property from further damage.  As Justin says ,” There’s always something to do around here.”

The gardens are beautiful, but it seems like the best part of gardening here is the way it brings families together.  They all enjoy working together and helping each other in any way they can.  I’m beginning to think it’s just one big happy family at Timberlake Village – just one flower at a time.  What more can anyone ask for!

Lake Bloomers garden Club, FGCM meets the second Wednesday of the month from March-December.  And we welcome visitors to our meetings.  For more information, contact Patty Logue at plogue2@gmIl.com or call 573-434-0183.