Approximately 15 different ID cards and social security numbers were allegedly found in a suspect vehicle during a reported shoplifting incident at Kohls in Lake Ozark Sunday. The woman now facing multiple felony charges from the subsequent investigation allegedly committed forgery for signing the police Miranda form with a false name.

Springfield, Missouri woman Tiffany M. Inman is charged with felony forgery, first degree tampering with a motor vehicle, felony drug possession and possession of burglary tools in the case while a man with her, Blaine W. Heimer of Springfield, has been charged with first degree tampering with a motor vehicle.

The alleged shoplifting involved a misdemeanor amount of clothing and occurred around 3 p.m. September 9, 2018, according to the probable cause statement filed against Inman.

The incident was reported as a stealing in progress, and Lake Ozark Police responded to the location in time to detain Inman and Heimer. 

The court document states that Inman initially presented herself to officers as Angela Bergan, then went on to allegedly sign the Miranda form as Bergan before the investigations officer confronted her with her real identity and with alleged forgery.

During a consent search of the vehicle the pair had been using, more items were found that were believed to be stolen, according to the court document.

A check of the vehicle identification number showed the 2015 Jeep Cherokee had been stolen out of Springfield in 2017. The Indiana license plate also came back as stolen. 

Both Inman and Heimer allegedly admitted to knowing the vehicle was stolen, claiming they were making payments to the person who stole it, but could not or would not identity that person. Inman reportedly confessed to stealing the license plates.

Approximately 15 different ID cards and social security numbers were located along with a journal noting various identities allegedly used to apply for credit. The journal noted three identities used in applications to financial institutions, the court document states.

Inman allegedly later admitted to acquiring IDs and numbers by going through garbage cans and other sources. She admitted to use of six identities to apply for credit, an attempted cell phone purchase and to avoid being arrested for outstanding warrants. She allegedly admitted to signing a ticket from the Springfield Police Department under the name Angela Bergman. 

A counterfeit social security card was also allegedly found on Inman. The card reportedly appeared to have been made on a home computer on cheap paper, missing numerous security features.

Inman allegedly confessed to a scheme in which she stolen items for living, reselling those items at half price, and telling the investigator that she had customers who would place orders. The items she allegedly attempted to steal from Kohls were for an order she had already received payment on. 

Her statement corroborated “orders” notated in a notebook found in the search, the court document states.

Inman also admitted to being trespassed from all Kohls stores, standard procedure for shoplifting, after she had been previously arrested in an incident at another location.

Tools associated with burglary were also allegedly located in the vehicle — two pairs of bolt cutters, a hammer and pliers as well as a large and a small magnet in Inman’s purse. Magnets are used for removing hard tags at department stores.

A used syringe in the vehicle that field-tested positive for methamphetamine was also claimed by Inman, according to the court document. 

The 34-year-old woman has a previous conviction for stealing as well as open cases for stealing and controlled substances. She was identified as a likely flight risk by the investigator.

Inman’s bond was set at $75,000.

Heimer claimed he was only along for the ride and was not participating in Inman’s though he knew she was shoplifting for an order.

A fraudulent ID with the name “Nicholas Dare Palmateer” and Heimer’s picture was also allegedly found in the vehicle, which he stated he bought from a person he refused to identify. The probable cause statement against Heimer also stated that he is currently on probation and parole for felony drug possession. 

No charges for anything related to these matters appear to have been filed against Heimer though who is only charged with tampering with a motor vehicle.

Case reviews for Inman and Heimer have been scheduled for October 30, 2018.