Using a pry bar, screwdriver and hammer, a Camdenton man unsuccessfully attempted to loot an ATM machine in the Save-A-Lot parking lot early Tuesday morning, according to the charge statement filed against Michael Andrew Browning.

Security footage from the Camdenton location allegedly shows Browning with various tools attempting to gain access to the ATM in the early morning hours of September 11, 2018. Camdenton police officers were dispatched to the scene around 3 a.m. after a witness at another business nearby reported the incident.

One of the officers was able to detain a suspect later identified as Browning. 

When the first officer arrived on scene, Browning was reportedly standing next to a black SUV parked near the ATM. He was allegedly the only person in the parking lot. 

The officer reported that Browning hesitated to follow his request for detention for investigation and appeared to be under the influence of an impairing substance, the court document states.

According to the probable cause statement, it appeared that entry into the ATM had been attempted on three different sides. The key pad was reportedly pushed in and the face plate next to it had been broken out. Belts lay on the ground in front of the ATM and a red-handled hammer was laying on the concrete curb next to the ATM. Vents had been pried from the side of the ATM building and the air conditioning unit was pushed inside where it was lying on the floor. On the back, a door handle was pried off and several scratches were observed near the jam and lock. 

Officers also allegedly observed a pry bar, screwdriver and other miscellaneous tools lying in plain view inside Browning’s vehicle. 

The witness/reporting party told officers he watched the suspect, wearing a blue sweater and shorts, go back and forth from the ATM to the SUV to grab different tools, including at one point a pry bar with which Browning reportedly attempted to gain entry into the ATM. 

At the time of the alleged attempted burglary, the ATM contained more than $20,000, according to the court document. Damage to the ATM was estimated at $45,000. An estimate on the damage to the building surrounding the ATM had not yet been made at the time of the probable cause statement, written later in the day on September 11.

Browning is now charged with first degree property damage, possession of burglary tools, second degree attempted burglary and attempted stealing of $750 or more, all Class E felonies. 

The 28-year-old has a prior criminal history that includes felony drug possession in Camden County in 2014; misdemeanor driving while intoxicated - alcohol in 2014; and probation violation in 2014 for two counts of felony drug distribution from an arrest in 2013. According to the probable cause statement, he was sentenced in March 2015 to five years confinement on each of the two distribution counts for a total of 10 years confinement, but apparently was already out of prison. It is unclear when he was released.

Bond in the attempted burglary case has been set at $20,000 cash only.