Taxpayers in Camdenton School District will pay no more in taxes this coming year than they did last year.

The total levy approved by the Camdenton Board of Education will remain at $2.97 per $100 of assessed valuation. The assessed valuation of the district is $1,178,048,552.

The levy will generate approximately $34.5 million for the district. Total revenue for 2018-2019 school year, including the levy and other sources, including state funding is estimated to be $53,119,104. Expenditures are estimated to be $53.8 million. Although 2018 is not a re-assessment year, the district does anticipate to see an increase in revenue from new construction. 

The levy is broken into two parts, operating and debt service. The operating levy for Camdenton is $2.66.  Debt service is 31 cents. 

Superintendent Tim Hadfield said the district choose not to increase the levy although the Missouri Constitution allows districts to collect up to $2.75 without voter approval.  

“Through conservative budgeting and efficient operations our board approved an operating levy that is one of the lowest in the entire state,” Hadfield said. 

For School of the Osage, the operational levy remains unchanged from last year at a rate of $2.60. The debt service rate is .699- up from .549 from last year as a result of the April election where voters approved a debt service levy increase to build improvements across the district. Taken together the total tax rate approved by the School of the Osage Board of Education is $3.299.