The Coast Guard is reporting that it terminated the voyage of a vessel violating small passenger laws andregulations on Lake of the Ozarks Saturday.

According to a USCG press release issued Tuesday, Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River 29-foot Response Boat-Small law enforcementboatcrew conducted a boarding on a 26-foot rental pontoon and determined the vessel was operating with passenger counts exceeding the legal limit of 12, with no crew provided by the rental company.

The basic laws and definitions governing charter services can be found in Title 46 United StatesCode 2101(35) and Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations 175.400.

The investigation is ongoing, and constitutes the eighth illegal passenger vessel voyage termination
on Lake of the Ozark since June 4, 2018, the press release states.

Anyone planning to hire a charter vessel is encouraged to ask to see the vessel operator’s validcredentials or proof of required inspection or examination. Illegal charters endanger vesselpassengers and other mariners.