A medical examiner has determined heart attack as the cause of death for a woman who died after an incident with a dog in southern Morgan County Saturday evening.

Morgan County Sheriff Norman Dills confirmed the death of both the woman and the dog, but the woman’s identity is withheld pending complete family notification.

Deputies were called by a friend of the family to a residence in the Proctor Road area September 1, 2018 due to the woman being down in the house. The 61-year-old was reportedly taking care of the dog for someone else.

The dog was very aggressive, according to Dill. In order for emergency medical responders to get to the woman, the dog had to be put down. 

It is possible the woman was attacked when she went in to care for the dog, sparking the heart attack, but exactly what happened will likely never be known, said Dill. The woman had the appearance of being attacked by the dog to some degree, but it is unclear whether the marks were made pre- or post-mortem, he said.