When are the citizens and state representatives of Missouri going to wake up, when it comes to animal abuse. We hear and see it going on all the time. Animals are like children, they can’t speak for themselves when they are abused We sit back and are disgusted by these acts, but do nothing, but put them in a shelter. How many are out there that we never find? We need to pass some strict laws and fines. We are a humane society, but when it comes to animal abuse we turn a blind eye. The people that do these acts should be treated as they have treated. Serious fines and jail time is a start. Not a slap on the hand fine. We need to let these people know that we are fed up with their actions. All citizens of Missouri should let their representatives know, NOW is the time to wake up and get serious about this problem. Maybe we can show other states how serious we are.

Harry L Wilson, Jr. Gravois Mills, MO