A new age, and a new level, of education arrived in Camdenton last week.

On Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Missouri State-Camdenton Campus conducted the first zoom class for Early Childhood Education degree program with five students, according to a press release from the City of Camdenton. The class is anticipated to grow to 10 students next semester. 

The zoom class utilizes high speed internet to digitally and interactively connect students and instructors.

This initiative is in response to needs identified by Camdenton Mayor John McNabb, the Camdenton City Council and local school districts, the press release stated.

The City of Camdenton is very excited to have its partnership with Missouri State University to provide many different educational opportunities for the people of our area.

The MSU-Camdenton Campus provides classrooms, locker rooms and showers, security, Wi-Fi, computer lounge and free parking. Its location,35 College St., also places it within walking distance of downtown amenities.

MSU and the City look forward to the high-quality training Missouri State will provide to meet the higher education needs in the area and the central location will make it convenient for students from several neighboring counties to participate as well.

Missouri State is also providing dual credit options for Camdenton High School students.