The POST license of former state trooper Anthony Piercy has been revoked, a Missouri Department of Public Safety spokesperson confirmed Tuesday morning.

Mike O’Connell verified that the decision to permanently revoke Piercy’s Peace Officer Standards and Training license was made Monday and Piercy’s attorney notified at the end of the day. The decision came after a director’s hearing last month.

Permanent revocation means Piercy cannot apply to be reinstated later. He could appeal the ruling however through the circuit court. All police officers in the State of Missouri have to be licensed through POST. Without the license, you cannot work as a police officer in Missouri.

Piercy was a state trooper working on Lake of the Ozarks when a 20-year-old man died in his custody. Brandon Ellingson had been arrested on suspicion of boating while intoxicated on May 31, 2014. Piercy admittedly improperly placed a lifejacket around Ellingson after handcuffing him for transport to shore. The Iowa college student came out of the Missouri State Highway Patrol vessel, and after unsuccessful attempts to get Ellingson back into the boat, Ellingson drowned.

Piercy later pled guilty to a misdemeanor criminal charge in the incident. Earlier this year, MSHP Colonel Sandra Karsten terminated Piercy from the Patrol against an internal disciplinary panel’s recommendation. Piercy successfully fought the termination when at the end of June a circuit judge ruled that Karsten did not have the authority to go against the panel’s recommendation.

Piercy's disciplinary case within the MSHP was remanded back to the panel for another review and further recommendation.

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