A Lake of the Ozark boater has innovated a couple of new products to make boating here and on any waterway even more fun.

A Lake of the Ozark boater has innovated a couple of new products to make boating here and on any waterway even more fun.

After spending numerous summers at Lake of the Ozarks with his family, Bob Orscheln realized that his boat ladder was not inviting. And, when he started looking around, nobody seemed to have a boat ladder that was comfortable and user friendly. So in 2015, he decided that he was just going to come up with a solution to make life on the lake a lot easier. And, with the help of the team of engineers at Orscheln Products, Bob was able to not only create a solution for his boat, but develop a solution that can fit most ladder sizes and configurations.

Bobo Ladders LLC, with the help of Orscheln Products LLC, has introduced to the recreational boating market a new line of boat ladder products and accessories aimed to help make boating more comfortable and enjoyable. These products and accessories were created with the recreational boat user in mind and include Snap-On Treads™ and Slide-In Handles™ which work with your existing boat ladder to make it more comfortable, usable and helpful when getting in and out of the water.

Snap-On Treads™ are a product that will connect to the tiny and uncomfortable existing ladder treads or steps. These are designed with the user in mind and add width and depth to the ladder step tread, allowing a more comfortable and stable stepping point when using the ladder. These are lightweight, sleek and will work with your existing ladder storage configuration when not in use.

The treads are made from a durable resin which allows them to be snapped into place for a secure fit and are covered with a high quality, water resistant, non-slip foam. The next innovation created by Bob Orscheln and his team of engineers was the Slide-In Handles™. Without these handles, boaters and swimmers have to get really creative on how to drag themselves out of the water because there is very little to grab and hold when climbing out.

The Slide-In Handles are ordered to fit an existing ladder and create a comfortable grip point when getting out of the water and back into a boat. Crafted from stainless steel and shaped to provide maximum comfort during use, these handles are durable, strong and come in several great color options. And, they float.

These products were developed locally and are manufactured and sold locally. The Lake the of Ozarks has been the home of these products from inception. If you like to buy local, this is about as local as it gets!

Bobo Ladders’ boat ladder accessories are available on its web site, www.boboladders.com, and also at these Lake of the Ozark marine dealers, Kelly’s Port, Iguana, Marine Max and All About Boats.

For more information, go to Facebook @BoboLadders or on the web at www.boboladders.com.