From the outside I imagine it looks quite weird: we settle in, we buy a house and then we start packing up and we move on. It has happened over and over. First with the military and then with my better half’s line of work. We have learned to rent first and make sure we like the area but eventually we buy something and begin the rooting process.

We touch the communities we live in and try to plant seeds, but we haven’t been somewhere long enough to watch those seeds grow and bloom. In the grand scheme of things, I guess it doesn’t make a difference if we see them or not, just that we plant them on our journey.

We leave tears all over the places we live and we drag our feet a little but then we fall in love with the new place. Our life is different than most people as we literally move every three years. Whether it’s to a new house or a new city or even a new state, we are nomads. We go where we feel we are led.

What does that mean? We are led. We committed years ago to going wherever God wanted us. We had goals in mind for our future and to be honest, we are nowhere near where we wanted. We wanted to plant our flag in the ground back home in Oklahoma, near one side of the family and close enough to drive to the other side. We were making decisions based on what we wanted and we literally forgot to ask God what he had in store. 

So things took a turn. It got tight and we struggled. It made no sense to us but we had to take some hits before we realized that we had decided to plow our own road. We forced it. Instead of asking and then waiting patiently for an answer... we pushed.

When you force things, there are obstacles at every turn. The budget doesn’t match the bills. The people around you trip you up and pull you in every direction. Your relationships are strained, and you don’t have peace around you. And you are so ingrained in the fight forward that you can’t see where God wants you to go.

It was when I threw my hands up in the air and just went to the Lord with all my stresses and stressors that we started gaining that insight. The knowledge that we were out of step. We were walking in the world around us, plowing a road that we wanted.

We sat down one night and in that mess we decided to renew our commitment to God’s way. We were going to walk on faith... regardless of where that path led... even if it led nowhere. I think the biggest fear is that we would go ... nowhere. We love to do new things, we love to travel and we want to grow... but what if God’s plan is for us to rest? It’s scary to give over that control.

But we did. We gave it over and then we started listening. So how does the message get to us that it’s time to pack our tent? It’s not a phone call from God and it’s not a booming voice out of the clouds. None of my bushes around the house are burning. It’s just living and then as things happen... we listen.

We were happily content here in North Dakota. The opportunities for other jobs come often... it’s the nature of my husband working in a competitive field. We acknowledge them and then we ask God if that is what path he has for us. Then we put it on a shelf and continue with our current path. The answer comes in the quiet.

The answer comes when it comes back around and stays there. The path is easy. You get an amazing opportunity in another state. Out of the blue, someone calls you to ask if you have a house to rent. The process was a three month process as it all just fell into a beautiful peaceful process and it’s in that ease that we knew, it’s time to pack our tent.

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