After two days of what must have felt like they'd run to Kansas and back, area girls basketball athletes are probably relieved to have the Licking Camps that were in Mexico last Thursday and Friday behind them, but there is a certain badge of honor that comes with running that gauntlet.

And while it really is something special for a local baller to be able to say they survived the two-days of craziness that comes with all the action and competition that comes with playing five scrimmages in two days plus tournament play, it takes even more to be able to win that tourney that comes at the end. For the girls, which took place at Mexico Middle School and the YMCA, there was a varsity bracket, JV and a junior high division.

In the title game of the varsity play, Southern Boone defeated Centralia 51-49. Southern Boone also eliminated the Lady Bulldogs in round one, but that didn't stop Logan Blevins from making the events All-Licking Camp Team.

In the JV competition, Mexico lost in the semifinals to Fatima by a point. Fatima then defeated Monroe City to claim the championship.

The junior high crown, on the other hand, went to Montgomery County after it downed Southern Boone in the finals and Mexico in the semifinals.