Camden County, just by observing how tax dollars seem to work for this county, it would seem that if you look at the Fire Houses, the new shiny trucks and the one that got replaced due to an accident on ice, and all the nice new school buildings to educate our next generation, and all the nice ambulances, and the massive power plant at the Sunrise Beach Fire protection district and all the great training facilities, that we as taxpayers are getting things done. And don’t get me wrong, if this county is going to grow, Ya gotta have that stuff!!!

Yet, that is only part of the picture, each of these entities seem to be getting and keep getting tax increases to make that all happen from voting taxpayers. Yet in looking at this county, that by the way is state rated as a first class county, I would bet if a tax increase was requested to provide funds to improve county roads and bridges, it would be rejected, because we all don’t want our taxes going up!

I have no facts but, I am of the opinion, based on tax dollars used for roads in this county as a percentage of taxes paid, it is low in comparison to any other first class County. In fact, I venture our taxes are low just in general comparison, and many like it that way.

I would venture Lee Schuman, Don Williams, Bev Thomas and Greg Hasty can share more on this in Dollars and Cents, and might do it if November was not coming along.

It seems school districts, fire districts, and Ambulance districts have found the right way to ask for tax increases! How do I know? Compare what they have in comparison to the Camden county bridge and road infrastructure improvements and maintenance. I am a strong believer the county is doing what it can.

There may be a tendency for those reading this far to blame the county! Heck we all do that sometimes, but the question I gotta ask, should we be blaming ourselves?

People love to come visit this county for fun and entertainment, and the county swells in summer. And county government would love to have people relocate here as well as business’s to expand the economy.

Yet people don’t come here to look and see what kind of fire trucks and school building and ambulances to make choices. Those attributes are expected! They actually look at the lake, and the roads and bridges of how to get there and how to get any place else in the county! Think about it! In my opinion, this needs to be fixed!

-Hank Zieman Sunrise Beach, Mo