Lake Regional Urology is relocating from the Lake Regional Imaging Center to Suite 401 of Lake Regional Medical Suites, 1029 Nichols Road, Osage Beach. The clinic will open in its new location on June 18. Urologist Bradley Connett, M.D., will continue to provide medical and surgical care for male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. On Aug. 1, Urologist Eric McQueary, D.O., will join Dr. Connett in providing this care, and on Sept. 4, Teresa Buol, FNP-C, also will join the clinic. Urological conditions can arise at any age, regardless of gender, and they can be difficult to discuss. Conditions commonly treated include prostate, bladder and kidney cancer; incontinence; infections; male infertility; and kidney stones. The clinic also provides vasectomies.