The Camdenton School District is considering a pilot program to study solar power for the district.

The Camdenton School District is considering a pilot program to study solar power for the district.

A representative from Sun Solar was present at Monday’s Camdenton R-III Board of Education meeting to showcase the possibility of solar panel installments on the school’s campus. The company, based out of Springfield, has worked with multiple schools around the state to provide this service, though Superintendent Tim Hadfield says they have not served any others schools in the lake area.

The initial presentation to the board was simply held to show preliminary details as to what solar power could provide. The reports shown to the school were based on using the solar panels on the campus administration building. If solar panels were to be installed, they would be able to supply 53 percent of energy needed for the building, with the remaining power coming from traditional electric.

Hadfield says that the cost of the installation and service was not thoroughly discussed, as more informations would be needed from Sun Solar. They were provided with some basic funding information.

The biggest cost of the project would come from the initial installation of equipment. For the administration building, he says the cost would sit slightly over $150,000. From that point, costs would gradually even out due to energy savings. Hadfield says that the break even point would come around 15 years after installation.

There is currently no concrete timeline on the life expectancy of a single solar panel unit. According to Hadfield, there Sun Solar units installed in the 1970’s that are still functional, though less efficient than current models.

Looking at the benefits of the system, Hadfield says it may be wise not only for the campus, but also environmentally, adding that the information provided was a good learning experience for the board and administrative staff.

Solar panels for the administration building were discussed as a possible pilot program to study their effectiveness district-wide. The board made no firm decision on intent with the project at this point. According to Hadfield, they will come together again in the future to discuss definitive plans when more information is available.