A string of threats on social media against two public officials and the general public has landed a 58-year-old Camdenton man behind bars in Morgan County with a $100,000 bond. 

George A. Reberry was taken into custody on June 12 after a Versailles police officer found a series of posts threatening Morgan County Prosecutor Dustin Dunklee and Morgan County Associate Circuit Court Judge Steve Grantham. Posts also made implied threats against the public and specifically mentioned June 13 and the Morgan County Courthouse. Reberry was scheduled to appear in court that day. 

Reberry is facing two counts of tampering with a judicial official and one count of making a terrorist threat. The charges were filed by Moniteau County Prosecuting Attorney Shayne Healea. The case is being heard by Moniteau County Associate Circuit Court Judge Aaron Martin. Morgan County officials have recused themselves from the case. 

According to court documents, after notifying area law enforcement, the police located Reberry at his home in Camdenton. Reberry was taken into custody without incident. 

The social media posts targeting Dunklee appeared to be connected to a recent case in Morgan County involving Reberry’s son. In a statement to investigators, Reberry made a reference to Grantham having represented a family member prior to becoming a judge and a criminal case the judge was involved that Reberry alleged he felt was mishandled. 

The posts were filled with expletives and references to Reberry being part of God and “God gave me the authority to do as I wish.” In another post, Reberry allegedly wrote, “I’ll take you out like F***III lightening bug you dumb *** f***** with me Morgan County got s*** on me.” In yet another post he says, “you will drop dead in your tracks…..” 

There were also alleged references that the public should run away from the courthouse on June 13.

While being questioned, Reberry allegedly told investigators that his phone misunderstood what he was typing and he did not mean for it to come across as threatening. Reberry alleged part of the posts were mistaken as “he uses a talk to text application for his phone.” Reberry allegedly admitted to understanding that the posts could be considered threatening.

If convicted, Reberry could face one to seven years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,0000 on each charge.