The latest executive orders and prejudicial statements affecting the socio-economic status of many in our nation include:

1. Placing a “gag order” on health care professionals which keep them from sharing important medical information with women who need to make informed decisions about their health care treatment.

2. Easing termination rules on low level civil servants while refusing to hold cabinet members like Scott Pruitt to the same rules.

3. Demanding that the Justice Department reveal classified information about Russia’s interference in our country’s electoral process before agreeing to an interview with the Special Council.

4. Publicly proposing that NFL players who will not stand with hand over heart should be expelled from the country while fans at the same games may continue to spend the time the national anthem is played or sung buying beers and hotdogs at the concession stand.

5. Inserting the influence of the right-wing arm of the Christianity in the West Wing and in executive orders to replace our democracy with a theocracy thus infecting society with a restrictive moral code.

6. Using his office to expand his family’s fortune by creating a quid-quo-pro between China and the Trump family as he arranges a bail out of the Chinese telecommunication firm ZTE which set the stage for his daughter to win final approval for her 13th trademark in the last three months in China and a $500 million-dollar loan for a new Trump branded Indonesian theme park.

7. Establishing policies—he falsely claimed the Democrats created—to allow U.S. Immigration and Customs Service (ICE) to separate children from their mothers including an 18-month-old infant from its mother. Even though the mother followed the rules in seeking political asylum, ICE took her child, sent the child to Chicago and the mother to Texas.

8. Using mother/child separation on immigrates and asylum seekers as Chief of Staff Kelly blatantly comments: "The children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever.” “OR WHATEVER”, REALLY!

9. Refusing to act to find nearly 1500 refugee children lost during the Obama and Trump regimes. At least eight of these children were handed over to human traffickers and the rest remain potential victims of human trafficking or indentured servitude.

A president’s behavior in office is to relieve human misery with selfless actions and bring the country together. A presidents’ behavior in office is not to cause human misery every time he opens his mouth or refuses to speak out against bigotry. Rulers who blatantly cause human misery are called despots and exercise power in a cruel or oppressive way. They encourage racist xenophobes like Roseanne Barr and refuse to condemn her words publicly.

Our saving grace is that we still have a vote. In November we can vote for caring, reasonable candidates who will challenge the insidious conduct of the president. We need candidates from both parties who support the people, a Constitutional Democracy and sense of decency as they rein in the despotic behavior of Mr. Trump.