"Carrying this cross is rewarding for me in so many ways, I get to spread my love of Jesus Christ and serve as a reminder to people of what is important."

Carrying an eight foot long cross around Lake of the Ozarks and central Missouri, kind of makes James Hodshon hard to miss. It also makes him hard to forget. He's been carrying some variation of a wood cross since 2003.  

Watching a feature film on Arthur Blessitt, who carried a similar cross around the world for 40 years, is what inspired Hodshon to follow suit. 

"That film changed me and I prayed and thought about it for days after, and the Lord laid it on my heart to effect the area that I live in," said Hodshon. 

He has since been seen on the grounds of the Capitol Building in Jefferson City and shocked students on the campus of Mizzou in Columbia; but most recently he took his faith and his cross to the streets of Manhattan in New York City. 

Born in New Jersey, Hodshon spent his formative childhood years living in New York City, before his family moved to Kansas City in the 70s. 

"It was a dream come true for me to carry that cross in New York City, because it's where I'm from," said Hodshon. "I wanted to share my ministry with the people of New York."

While asking for money has never been a part of his purpose, he did start a Go Fund Me account in able to afford the two day trip to the Big Apple.

He wasted no time on his short trip, making sure to walk with the 10 pound cross across his shoulder to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Washington Park and near the Chrysler Building. 

"I had a lot of positive responses from people who walked by me, everybody loved it," he said. 

Receiving lots of honks and waves from the melting pot of people in the country's largest city made Hodshon feel like his trip was a success.

"Carrying this cross is rewarding for me in so many ways, I get to spread my love of Jesus Christ and serve as a reminder to people of what is important."

Hodshon noted that one of his favorite Bible verses that he thinks of while walking is from Ephesians 1:7, which reads, 'In him we have redemption. Through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace.'

Hodshon's future destination walks include one this October in Tampa Bay, Florida; three future trips to downtown Kansas City, St. Louis and Los Angeles. He also plans on eventually writing a book about his adventures and his faith. 

"I think the world needs more faith, truth and grace right now- and if I can help serve as a reminder of any of those things to people then it makes this journey worth it," he said. 

Working overnight as a stocker at Hy-Vee, Hodshon is most proud of his marriage of 29 years to his wife Carolyn and their 23 year-old daughter, Sarah, who works in the medical field in Springfield, Mo. 

After living at the lake for nearly 15 years, he and his wife will be moving to Eldon, Mo., by the end of this month.