Mule Shoe Conservation Area includes 2,829 acres in Hickory and Camden counties

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The Missouri Department of Conservation is in the process of updating management plans for conservation areas and invites public comments. To view management plans and share comments online, visit  

The following draft conservation area management plans are available for public comment May 1-31, 2018.

Kansas City Region

Schell-Osage Conservation Area – This area includes 58,633 acres in St. Clair and Vernon counties. The area is managed to protect and restore fish, forest, and wildlife habitats, particularly wetlands, grasslands, and forests; and their associated plants and animals. An emphasis is placed on maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem integrity while providing high-quality public use opportunities for hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing. There are privies, two fishing lakes, gravel boat ramps (at the lakes and marshes), primitive campgrounds, hunting blinds, and a 2.5-mile hiking trail available for public use.

Southwest Region

Mule Shoe Conservation Area – This area includes 2,829 acres in Hickory and Camden counties. The area is managed for healthy forest, woodland, and aquatic communities for future generations to use and enjoy. The area is managed to provide hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities for the public. There are primitive camping areas, a gravel boat ramp, and privy available for public use.

Rocky Barrens Conservation Area – This area includes 280 acres in Greene County. The area is managed for high-quality limestone glade and woodland natural communities with emphasis on glade species.