There appears to be a shake up underway in the Linn Creek Police Department connected to possible internal issues.

Linn Creek Mayor Jeff Davis indirectly confirmed issues within the department, saying no one had been fired. He refused to comment further on what was going on, but did say that at least one officer was on duty at the time of the interview around 1:30 p.m. May 1.

Linn Creek has a department of three full time officers including Chief Greg Berry.

LakeNews will continue to follow this story and provides more information as details become available.

This is not the first time the small municipal police force has dealt with internal problems.

Berry was a longtime officer was who promoted to chief of police in the fall of 2016 within days of former chief Matt Burns resignation. Burns was another internal officer appointed chief of police in January 2015 after serving as interim chief following the resignation of Trevor Dowdney in December 2014.

An audit of Linn Creek Municipal Court in 2016, covering between August 28, 2013 to August 27, 2015, revealed that traffic fines exceeded a ceiling on revenue for traffic violations set by state law. Under RSMo Section 302.341 for the dates covered, revenue from traffic violations could not exceed 30 percent of the city’s budget. 

That ceiling has since been lowered even further to 20 percent.

City leaders at that time said the excessive revenue was a result of miscalculation, believing they were within limits of the time at 21.8 percent. The state audit found that the city had miscalculated the eligible revenue to be considered for the general, overstating total general revenue by approximately $148,000.

The report indicated the miscalculation was due to the city including restricted revenues from taxes that were excluded under statute. The city “improperly included restricted revenues from law enforcement, capital improvement, park and transportation sales taxes, as well as restricted revenues from state motor vehicle taxes and fees,” it states.

With less general revenue, the revenue from ticketing as a percentage of the budget increased to approximately 35.22 percent. 

The city switched to a different independent auditor CPA firm following the issue.