Jordan Humphreys passed away unexpectedly on April 8, 2018 as the result of an automobile accident.  He was the son of Tim and Sandra Humphreys of Wilmington, DE. He was called Sunshine by his parents which he never grew too old to hear.

Jordan had many interests. He loved hunting and skeet shooting, he loved fishing – on the Chesapeake Bay for strippers or deep sea fishing anywhere he could. He was an athlete, swimming competitively and playing baseball - his last baseball team won the championship. He was an excellent snowboarder and wake boarder, mastering jumps and tricks. He loved to be on the water in any kind of a boat. 

He loved construction and using tools, he was great with his hands and could learn anything mechanical very quickly. He could fix anything and was not afraid to try. He and his Dad especially liked demolition projects. Jordan was never afraid of a hard days’ work including volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and his local fire company.

He liked working on just about any vehicle but especially trucks – especially modifying the mufflers to make them loud. He wanted to save up money to buy a Ford Raptor. He was resident technology specialist of his family and friends and could figure out anything. 

The holidays he loved the most were July 4th shooting off of fireworks and Thanksgiving dinner with the family football games afterward where someone usually got hurt. 

He was gentle and kind – both with animals, young kids and elderly people. Jordan could hold a conversation with anyone from the very young to the very old – he was a respectful young man who always left a good impression on those who were lucky enough to spend time with him. Jordan was a gentle giant.

He loved to travel – he especially liked Costa Rica which he visited 4 times. His last trip to Costa Rica he lived with and did community projects for local families in need.

Jordan was just getting ready to graduate high school and decide what path he would take on as a career – from a police officer, to a firefighter, something in the trades, to a business owner.

Jordan had a great sense of humor – he was really funny – those who knew him know that sly smile he had when he pulled a prank on someone. 

In his down time Jordan loved to laugh and find new adventures with his Mom. He also liked to hang with friends and do fun things such as four wheeling on ATV’s or be around a bonfire listening to music.  He loved music from rap to country to heavy metal – he had music that would please anyone. 

Jordan is predeceased by his Grandpa Richard Humphreys, Grandma Mary Beth Humphreys (Beanna), and his buddy, his Pop Pop Dallas Jordan. He is survived by his Mom Mom, Pearl Jordan, his parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

His family and many friends will miss him greatly. He was a very cool young man who was easy to like and be around. He had tremendous potential and it would have been very fun and interesting to see what he did with the rest of life that was unexpectedly cut short.

Jordan is an unselfish hero in the end as he was an organ donor – his organs saved 5 lives and helped many others with their quality of life.

We will never understand why God choose to take Jordan to be with him now – we will never stop loving him – we never stop thinking about him – we will never stop trying to honor his memory as our lives move on. He had a positive impact on many people and left them with good memories that will live on – he will live on in the hearts and minds of many people.

Sunshine we will see you in heaven.

A gathering in remembrance of Jordan Humphreys will be held at the Lands’ End Clubhouse, Lands’ End Parkway, Osage Beach, MO 65065 on Friday April 20, 2018 at 6 p.m.