A House committee investigating allegations against Gov. Eric Greitens found the woman at the center of his invasion-of-privacy case to be a credible witness, the committee said in a report released Wednesday.

The woman who had an affair with Greitens in 2015 before he became governor and is identified in the report as “Witness 1” testified that Greitens blindfolded her in his basement and removed her clothes without consent before she heard the sound of a cellphone and saw a flash through the blindfold. The report includes testimony from the woman saying Greitens threatened to release a photo of her if she told anyone about the affair. The statements were consistent with details reported when the allegations were made public in January.

The 24-page report goes into detail in regard to the woman’s testimony about what allegedly happened in Greitens’ basement and includes testimony from other witnesses. The report also includes public statements by Greitens about the allegations against him. House Republicans and Democrats planned separate news conference Wednesday evening to discuss the report.

Gov. Eric Greitens condemned the report ahead of its release Wednesday, saying lawmakers and “irresponsible members of the media” were engaged in an effort to destroy him in advance of a criminal trial on felony invasion of privacy charges.

“We expect that tonight’s report will be full of more false, outlandish and salacious details,” Greitens said to reporters crowding his capital office. “Keep in mind how this was written — no standards of evidence were used, no witnesses were cross-examined, no one representing me was allowed in the room and no members of the press or the public were allowed in the room.”

Greitens has been embroiled in scandal since January, when KMOV television in St. Louis broadcast the first report alleging he had an extramarital affair in 2015 while planning his campaign for governor. The report, using an audio recording of the woman involved made by her then-husband, accused Greitens of photographing the woman while she was blindfolded and threatening to make the image public if she revealed their relationship.

Greitens is now under indictment in St. Louis for felony invasion of privacy, with a trial scheduled for May 14.

Lawmakers who do not sit on the committee were briefed on the report Wednesday afternoon in closed Democratic and Republican caucuses. House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City, issued a call for Greitens to resign immediately after her party caucused.

“If he doesn’t, it will be the duty of the House of Representatives to restore integrity to the executive branch of state government,” McCann Beatty said. “This duty must be conducted with careful deliberation following a thorough review of the evidence gathered to date. Once House members have had the opportunity to digest the special committee’s report and accompanying documentation, it is our hope that leadership in both parties can agree on the appropriate next step.”

Greitens, a Republican, stated the Republican-controlled legislature is seeking to destroy him.

“In just 33 days a court of law and a jury of my peers will let every person in Missouri know the truth and prove my innocence,” Greitens said.