The Camdenton High School Band program participated in the MSHSAA solos and ensembles event in Lebanon, Missouri on March 24, 2018. Those bringing home 1 ratings and advancing to state are as follows:

1 rating ensembles: Clarinet Quartet – Graci Stoddard, Paige Knoll, Sam Quinn, Madison Morris. Trombone Quartet – Toni Carolus, Aaron Wright, Ryan Figgins, Nick Stimple. Clarinet Trio – Halle coulter, McKayla Swegle, Kari Siegel. Saxophone Sextet – Summer Kofoed, John Rodrigo, Brandon Thompson, Matthew Meyers, Max Daniel, Caleb Hanners. Percussion Ensemble – Alexis Rosack, Maya Irvine, Jessica Parker. Clarinet Trio – Taylor Patredis, Hannah Basile, Jesslyn Parsley. Clarinet Trio – Sydney Shearer, Megan Stude, Andrea Stewart. Percussion Ensemble – Sarah McRoberts, Malachi Diehl. Austin Campbell, Lane Oakes.

1 rating solos: Piano Solo: – Vincent Khor. Clarinet Solos – Halle Coulter, Mckayla Swegle, Sydney Shearer, Megan Stude. Trumpet Solo – Caycee Roth. Alto Saxophone Solo – Matthew Meyers. Keyboard Mallet Solos – Jessica Parker, Faith Moore. Soprano Saxophone Solo – Matthew Meyers.

1 rating vocal solos: Marion Benion, Tyler Findley, Rob Baur, Alex Baur.

Band Booster Joannie Meyers made these observations about the district event, "What an awesome day! I got to hear a lot of fantastic music today! Let's face it, these band kids are just simply incredible musicians! As amazing as the music was, it wasn't the best part. It wasn't even close to the best part. What I saw went so much further than the music, was so much bigger than scores or judges remarks. Today, I saw kids encouraging each other, cheering for each other and supporting each other. I saw them celebrate each other's victories and I saw them share each other's disappointments. It is so easy to get distracted and discouraged by what is going on in our world today. The news often paints a bleak and dark picture of today's youth, but if ever you need to have a little of your faith in humanity restored, trust me, go watch some band kids. You won't regret it. (and you get to hear a lot of great music….)"

Congratulations to all 46 students who participated in this event. Good luck to the 35 students moving on to state.