A bill at last.

I don’t know how many politicians we have in the lake area that supposedly represent us and get paid to protect our rights, our lives and our property, but we do have our Rep. David Wood who is trying to pass a safe water bill.

It seems when an issue is controversial politicians take the middle road and do nothing at all. That cannot be said about Representative David Wood. His bill is a start to bringing some semblance of safety back to the lake.

How can we ask people to purchase property here when the shoreline will be destroyed by rough water? How can we ask families to come here to vacation and boat on our beautiful lake when it is so rough and dangerous?

Again, I’ll say it: We cannot always blame the big boats, but we have to crack down on the rude boat operators of all boats.

We should all thank Representative Wood for his efforts to pass this bill and save our lake. Let’s all support him and recognize what he is doing to project tis lake, our livelihood and our lives.

Thank you, Representative Wood.