Beneficiaries need to be aware that this is not a scam

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is mailing new Medicare cards to all people with Medicare. A new alpha-numeric identifier will replace the current Social Security Number-based identifier. This roll-out will occur during a several-month period, based upon the geographic location of the Medicare beneficiary.

There are concerns that people might believe that this is a scam and therefore, will ignore notifications or throw new identification cards away.

If you are a Medicare beneficiary, please watch your mail closely during the next few months for notifications from Medicare relating to this change. Medicare beneficiaries should begin bringing their new card with them to health care visits as soon as they receive it. Following are details on how the new card roll-out will work.

• Newly eligible Medicare beneficiaries will get a card with a unique number, regardless of their geographic location.

•Current beneficiaries in Missouri will not begin to receive the new cards until after June of this year. However, they may begin to receive notifications relating to this change before that time.

•People with Medicare will be able to go to to sign up for emails about the card mailing and to check the card mailing status in their state.

• People with Medicare should use the new card once they receive it, but either the Social Security Number-based (old) card or the new random alphanumeric-based numbers can be used through December 2019.

•Beginning January 1, 2020, only the new card will be usable.

-Centers for Medicare and Medicaid