It appears democracy — or perhaps better democratic republicanism — is alive and well at Lake of the Ozarks. The filing period for the August Primacy Election ended March 27, and its looks like an unusually full slate of candidates.

It appears democracy — or perhaps better democratic republicanism — is alive and well at Lake of the Ozarks. The filing period for the August Primacy Election ended March 27, and its looks like an unusually full slate of candidates.

Lake area Democrats are fielding more candidates than has been seen in years, and there are multiple Libertarians on the ballot for Camden County offices. S

everal incumbents in county offices around the region are facing challenges internally as well. In August, two each will face off for the Republican nominations for the presiding commissioner and circuit clerk positions in Camden County before going on to races in November.

It appears in Camden County new faces think they can do a better job at the helm of administrative offices as all of the offices related to the judicial system will go unchallenged. In Miller County, however, the opposite is the case with the main contested seats being the prosecuting attorney and circuit clerk — all Republicans.

The county collector position is however another wide field on the ballot for Miller County with four Republicans vying for the seat and no other candidates on the ballot for November.

Politics appear the most quiet in Morgan County where there are just two contested races. There is one Republican and one Democrat — the incumbent — for county clerk and two Republicans — no incumbent — for presiding commissioner.

Camden County


Presiding Commissioner:

Greg Hasty - Incumbent Republican 

James Rericha - Republican

Shari L. Gaddy - Democrat

Marshall Peterson - Libertarian

County Clerk:

Rowland Todd - Incumbent Republican

Ernest Calvert - Republican

James O’ Brien - Libertarian


Circuit Clerk:

Jo McElwee - Incumbent Republican

Melissa Mackay - Republican

JoAnne Bodziony - Democrat



Donnie Snelling - Incumbent Republican

Bernice Mowinski - Republican


County Auditor:

Jimmy Laughlin - Incumbent Republican


County Collector:

Teresa Murray - Incumbent Republican

Nancy J. Bates - Democrat


Prosecuting Attorney:

Heather Miller - Incumbent Republican


Associate Circuit Judge Div. 4

Michael Gilley - Incumbent Republican


Associate Circuit Judge Div. 5

Aaron Koeppen - Incumbent Republican 


Miller County

Associate Circuit Judge

Jon A. Kaltenbronn - Republican


Presiding Commissioner:

Tom Wright - Republican


Clerk of the Circuit Court 

Jill Humphrey - Republican

Sheila Curtman - Republican

Chuck Drace - Republican


County Clerk:

Clinton A. Jenkins - Republican


Recorder of Deeds:

Deborah L. Wiles - Republican


County Treasurer:

Philip Lawson - Republican


Prosecuting Attorney:

Robert J. Seek - Republican

Benjamin Winfrey - Republican


Collector of Revenue

William E. Harvey - Republican

Tina Kasper - Republican

Gaylord McDaniel - Republican

Debra June Nichols - Republican


Saline Committeeman/Woman

Bob Toalson - Republican

Brandon Kauffman - Republican

Leigh Ann Toalson - Republican


Richwoods Committeeman/Woman

Uriah Stark - Republican

Joey Imperato - Republican

Rachel Imperato - Republican


Franklin Committeeman/Woman

Michael J. Senter - Republican

Gerard “Jay” Harms Jr. - Republican

Gabrielle Harms - Republican


Equality Committeeman/Woman

William M. Abbott - Republican

Colleen M. Abbott - Republican


Osage Committeeman/Woman

Paul Ritter - Republican

Diane Juergensmeyer - Republican


Jim Henry Committeeman/Woman 

Bruce Berendzen - Republican

Kelley D. Berendzen - Republican


Democratic Committeeman

Bryan A. Struebig - Democrat 


Morgan County

Presiding Commissioner:

Tony Stephens - Republican

James Vaughan - Democrat


Circuit Clerk

Lori Moon - Republican


County Clerk: 

Aimee Worthley- Republican

Cathy Daniels - Democrat


County Recorder:

Nancy Boles - Republican


Associate Circuit Judge:

J. Stephen Grantham - Republican


County Treasurer:

Kimberly Ingersoll - Republican


Collector of Revenue:

Kathy Francis - Democrat


Prosecuting Attorney:

Dustin Dunklee - Democrat