Sunrise Beach resident Hank Zieman shares his thoughts on discussions surrounding firearms.

There really should be no sides to solving mindless use of weapons! Continued creation of different views on not solving anything but just pumping out words either emotional or hard fisted is not going to stop gun violence. “Crazy” and “dishonest people” and “Crazy dishonest people” have weapons or can get them and they are killing people more and more! That is the problem that needs to be solved.

No one in government or the public sector has any notion of what to do, yet we in the public sector look to the government to solve a social problem. When I was in school in the 40's and 50's there were no killings in school and I could bring my jackKnife, like all other boys to school. Nobody got knifed and differences were dealt with and handled at recess with no weapons.

What has happened in 40 to 60 years for our society to move differences to killing with weapons is a social issue that has developed since mid-last century. No law will solve that! There are more guns than people now! And there seem to be more crazy people and dishonest people who have no concern for life in using them. What has changed since the 40’s and 50’s? We need to figure it out and fix it!

Unless we, as a society figure it out, nothing is going to get better and things by 2040 and 50 will be much worse if our social conscience keeps heading in the direction it is going and if we continue to expect a dysfunctional government to fix it! Think about it!