City staff felt the previous decision needed to be clarified.

A request to have land in Lake Ozark rezoned for construction of a quarry has been sent back to the city's Planning and Zoning Commission for reconsideration.

The P&Z will reconsider the request at 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 7, at the City Hall.

The P&Z had recommended to the board Feb. 7 that a request by Midwest Bank Center as successor by merger of Bremen Bank & Trust Company to rezone 370 acres of land near Highway 54 and Bus. Rt. 54 (W Road) from R-1 and C-2 zoning to M-1 zoning be denied. The request is on behalf of Magruder Limestone Company which has a contingency contract on the property.

But at the regular meeting of Lake Ozark Board of Aldermen Feb. 26, Mayor Johnnie Franzeskos asked the board to send the issue back to P&Z for reconsideration. The board decided to remand the request back to the Planning and Zoning Commission for further consideration and formal findings of fact. City staff felt the previous decision needed to be clarified.

The city recently received a letter from Larry and Vicky Stockman, owners of Riverview RV Park near the Osage River, asking that the P&Z review its decision.

The proposed site would be a much better location, the Stockmans said, than the current site near the Lake Ozark/Osage Beach sewer plant and their campground. The current quarry location near the campground and joint sewer plant was opposed by the Stockmans, Lake Ozark and Osage Beach several years ago. 

The Stockmans believe the proposed site near Highway 54 and W Road offers a better option.

The truck traffic from the current quarry is dangerous, they said in their letter. Trucks exiting Woodriver Road and making a U-turn at the end of the Osage River Bridge "is not safe and causes an obstruction of traffic flow," they said.

The proposed underpass and redesign of the Highway 54/W Road would be much better and safer access to Highway 54, the letter stated. In addition, the new site would offer sales tax revenue to the city city versus non from the current location, the Stockmans said.

P&Z opposition

Commissioners expressed a few concerns about the proposed operation. These include:

•Access to the property. According to documents prepared by Tim Haden, deputy community development director, Osage Hills Road -- currently an access to Osage National -- would also be the access to the quarry operations. 

•Truck traffic could affect public traffic to Osage National. 

•Potential negative impact on the MoDOT interchange project which would be a few hundred feet southwest of the proposed quarry operations. 

•Potential negative environmental impact from noise and dust produced by the quarry. 

Other business

•The board learned that because of fewer claims, the city's worker's compensation insurance will decline by about 12 percent, saving the city $9,800. The staff was lauded for its continued safety record.

•Possible action on a revision in the city's policy and procedures manual was tabled so aldermen and staff can have a work session to review proposed changes.

•The board approved Mayor Franzeskos appointment of Dennis Horsman to the Utility Commission.