Each week, we take a look back at things that made us smile, laugh and congratulate as well as things that made us shake our heads and ask, “What?”

Cheers to ...

the Camdenton School District Special Olympics Basketball team from Oak Ridge Intermediate. Teams members were given a send off by staff, students and emergency response agencies as they headed out to Laquey School District for a basketball tournament.

Cheers to ...

lake area schools, churches and law enforcement who remain diligent in discussing and implementing security and safety measures to safeguard the public. The most recent school shooting in Florida has been the catalyst for open discussion not only on a national and state level, but on the local level as well.

Cheers to ... the City of Camdenton for ongoing efforts to adjust their zoning codes to promote development, in this case particularly focusing on residential.

Jeers to ... typical Missouri March weather. We don't know why it always takes us by surprise but it does. It is indeed an odd sight to see students running track in the midst of blowing snow showers.

Jeers to ... the world we live in where we have to consider armed guards in institutions of learning and worship.